An Open Letter to Donald Trump — 9/22/20

September 22, 2020

Dear President Trump,

Hyper-polarized America is not sustainable for our children. The American Union has a vision of a better America, one that paves a path forward for future generations. To negotiate passage of our legislation, you’ll need to get both Democrats and Republicans to the table of compromise. The Blueprint for a Better America offers a solution.

In this legislative package, a 10-year truce is declared on two key issues: guns and abortion. Republicans receive a concession on gun rights. The legislation defends the 2nd amendment by prohibiting any consideration of gun bans for 10 years without a 2/3 majority vote in Congress. Democrats receive the concession of universal background checks for all gun sales (which is supported by 90% of the population anyway). The larger policy reforms in the legislative package are expected to address the root causes of gun violence to bring the number of gun deaths down.

In the Blueprint for a Better America, Democrats also receive a concession on abortion bans. Like the restriction on gun bans, a supermajority will be required to consider any legislation that prohibits or further restricts abortions until 2031. Republicans receive a concession with the enshrinement of the Hyde amendment. Again, the root causes of abortion will be aggressively addressed through universal basic income (UBI) and increased access to healthcare. By reducing unwanted pregnancies, we can advance policies that make abortion safe, legal, and rare.

Mr. President, calmer heads can still prevail in 2020. The current hysteria around the Supreme Court will have to be addressed; more on that in tomorrow’s open letter, but much of the passion circles back to these two chestnuts, guns and abortion. They may be excellent points for forcing furor and fundraising, but those two issues are also major contributing factors to the country’s current inability to work together. Politicians on both sides are feeding the hysteria to gain votes, but what is the cost of the status quo? There’s a center-right plurality of Americans; your reelection could be ensured if you signed our legislative package by October 30.

Americans would see an end to poverty, thanks to American Union jobs. With a $300/week UBI, every American would be have an economic floor to build on. The economic power generated by UBI will stimulate the circulation of money in our pandemic-ravaged economy, providing a much needed and sustainable boost to small local business.

Second, Americans could see the end of mass incarceration. By ending the war on drugs and making certain legislative changes to the justice system, Americans will be able to cultivate a more just society that focuses on restoration rather than punishment. For Obama Democrats, reelecting you will be an affirmation in the belief of redemption; if the millions in the prison industrial complex are worthy of forgiveness, why not you, under certain circumstances?

Mr. President, you know it is time to bring American troops home, and the American Union is willing to give you a mandate to do that. Almost 25% of the total population of America has never known the country at peace in their lifetime. The war on terror has drained our economy of trillions of dollars and cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers; we can end the endless wars.

All of these things are possible with the Blueprint for a Better America. This deal is a compromise that can restore American vigor and make us a better example to those around us. The Phoenix Congress calls on you, Mr. President, and all Americans, to participate in a fast for peace on Thursday, October 15 to show your commitment to building a better 2020. Abstaining from food for 24 hours is a symbol of the sacrifices that a person is willing to make, for the sake of preserving American liberty for themselves, their children, and their posterity. Will you join the fast for peace?

Respectfully yours,

Phoenix Congress 2020

(Part two of this letter published 9/23/2020. Click here to pledge for the American Union.)

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