An Open Letter to Donald Trump–9/25/2020

September 25th, 2020

Dear President Trump,

Tuesday, September 29th is the first of three debates scheduled between yourself and Joe Biden. This debate is expected to focus on the Supreme Court, Covid-19, and the state of racial unrest in the United States. Americans are expecting the typical response to these hot button issues: partisan posturing, generalizing claims, arguing ideology, but no real, actionable, solutions. You have an opportunity to exceed expectations with a clear and coherent vision of a better America.

Leading up to the debates, you are currently behind Joe Biden in polls in several key swing states that carried you to victory in 2016. Because this debate is in Cleveland, it is significant to note that you trail by 3% in Ohio, which had been considered a safe bet for you.

The latest poll of Ohio voters reveals the problems your campaign is facing. There is a sharp political divide over the support of the Black Lives Matter movement (83% of Democrats vs. 22% of Republicans), and concern that the election is in danger of interference from foreign actors through social media (64% of Republicans and 77% of Democrats). Just as critical, 51% of voters do not trust your administration to provide accurate information regarding Covid-19.

Mr. President, Ohio reflects the mood of the rest of the country. Americans are skeptical, they are divided, and they are anxious about the future. You have an opportunity on the debate stage to rebuild lost trust, and project an image of leadership to the nation. The Phoenix Congress challenges you and Joe Biden to refrain from personal attacks and hyperbole, and instead offer 21st century solutions for the country.

Americans are craving policy that serves the people rather than a party agenda. The Phoenix Congress has developed the Blueprint for a Better America to offer those solutions in a bipartisan effort, addressing the triple evils of society: poverty, racism, and militarism. This legislation lays the foundation for a new era of unification and prosperity.

Phoenix Congress has already invited you and every American to unite in a fast for peace on October 15th, but the endeavor does not have to wait until then. A lot will be said on the debate stage, and the Phoenix Congress encourages you to take the first step toward ending animosity by respectfully debating Joe Biden.

America can build a better path forward from 2020, with the right leadership. Will you refocus the conversation, as President of this country?

Respectfully yours,

Phoenix Congress 2020

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