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  • Conrad Shaw

    Conrad Shaw

    Writer, UBI researcher (@theUBIguy), Actor, Filmmaker, Engineer

  • Anonhron


    Free mind

  • Free Mars🧢💡🇺🇸♂️

    Free Mars🧢💡🇺🇸♂️

    Celestial Body, Warrior God and Patron of all things masculine. Universal Unconditional Income advocate who wants to give everyone $2,000/month.

  • Cory Kessler

    Cory Kessler

    Obsessively curious.

  • Eddie Chu

    Eddie Chu

    Capital-Consumption Theory. UBI Economics.

  • Eta George

    Eta George

    Day jobber, hobby blogger at

  • Jackson Glasser

    Jackson Glasser

    My name is Jackson, I am the owner of and love to create music, travel and explore! I love telling stories and writing also!

  • Boxer Orwell

    Boxer Orwell

    Trying to reconcile my Christian faith and political beliefs with a free, open and tolerant society and a sincere belief that government can be a force for good

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