How the American Union is shaking up the midterms

“Digital Collaboration” Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Crowdsourcing functional government

“Functional government,” in this case, means enactment of a specific legislative package, one written by the people, for the people. Inspired by addressing Martin Luther King Jr.’s triple evils and nonviolent social change, the legislation’s primary policy goals are to end poverty, end mass incarceration, and end the endless wars as the basis for post-pandemic social contract.

Addressing 2020’s problems

2020 was a draining year politically. The reelection campaign of Donald Trump was very polarizing, even before the impeachment(s) and that whole thing with the Supreme Court. All the political hatred wasn’t good for our country. By supporting bipartisan reelection for everyone in Congress (even that fringey Congresswoman with the three names), the American Union can deescalate the 2022 election, giving our nation time to take a big collective breath before the next presidential contest.

End poverty

Everyone’s American Union Job starts with a digital Treasury account, with $300 of legal tender credited weekly, plus a fractional share for children. This will lift every American above the poverty line, while establishing a secure economic floor for all to build on. These no-fee digital accounts will also include access to free postal banking services and peer-to-peer transfers, bringing everyone into the banking system equally and with the economic freedom to move around the country.

Not all babies get the option to spend time with mom, but those that do have a lower infant mortality rate. The United States is one of the last countries on the planet without paid maternal leave. (Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels)

End mass incarceration

Unionizing as voters will help us look out for each other as Americans, but ending poverty is just one part of a 21st century social contract. Our first duty in the Constitution is to establish justice, and 2020 exposed systemic racism in our criminal justice system. 71% of voters reported they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who reduced prison populations; the time has come to end mass incarceration.

To address systemic racism, we must boldly challenge the status quo.

End the endless wars

Martin Luther King Jr. identified three interconnected evils in poverty, racism and militarism. The latter represented the US military, which King called “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.” King gave passionate speeches against the endless war of Vietnam as he linked these triple evils for American audiences. The military industrial complex, King recognized, benefited from low-income populations as a source of recruits. By ending poverty, we also reduce the supply of cheap labor available.

A moral crusade

Because America has the ability to lift tens of millions up out of poverty, choosing to allow the status quo would be a moral failing on our part. In this vein, members of the American Union participate in a monthly fast, what Gandhian scholar Gene Sharp identified as a “fast of moral pressure.”

*Unless we don’t reelect them

Some of the pessimists among us ask, well, what if the incumbents ignore us? What if the Republicans and Democrats don’t pass this legislative package? The practical answer is, we don’t have to reelect them, and we have at least three options. After the October 15, 2022, fast for peace, the members of the American Union — all willing swing voters supporting the final legislative proposal— will be asked to choose an option.

Focus on the positive

We don’t have to let the two parties make us hate each other.



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